Suntory Non-alcoholic Cocktail Non’aru Kibun Chuuhai Taste /ノンアルコールチューハイ のんある気分地中海グレープフルーツ

Alcohol: 0%
Quantity: 350 ml
Sugar:  0 g
Calories: 0 kcal
Price: 108 yen at 7-11
Official Site:

Suntory first launched a successful line of 0 calorie/0 alcohol beverages designed to mimic the taste of cocktails; now they have released “chuuhai taste”, to replicate the taste of canned chuuhai. This might have been a step down, but at least it seems that grapefruit chuuhai can be made with artificial sweeteners and without alcohol fairly well. In fact, doesn’t that make this just grapefruit soda water? But when I want a chuuhai but don’t want to get tipsy, I’ll pick up a can of this.


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