Asahi Slat Limited Edition Milk Sour & Aloe Bits / アサヒすらっと 乳性サワー&つぶつぶアロエ

Alcohol: 3% (10.5 ml)
Quantity: 350 ml
Sugar:  6.3g
Calories: 88 kcal
Price: MSRP 141 yen (108 yen at AEON)
Official Site:

Asahi’s been busy redesigning the cans of several of their chuuhai series, but this aloe chuuhai is a new addition to their Slat lineup. I’ve gone on record by stating my lack of affection for Aloe, so I was quite surprised by the quality of this smooth and milky drink. It doesn’t quite have the richness of Calpis, but is something more in line with Calpis soda, and the little chucks of aloe flesh were pleasant. Maybe I’m in an aloe mood because I burned my thumb earlier today and wish I had the plant on hand…


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