Suntory Midori Illusion / サントリー ミドリ イリュージョン

Alcohol: 4% (11 ml)
Quantity: 275 ml
Sugar:  ?? g
Calories:  ?? kcal
Price: MSRP 240
Official Site:

“Midori” is an extremely sweet melon-flavored liqueur produced by Suntory (the word “midori” means “green”). Now they have taken a Midori base and added pineapple flavoring to create this Midori RTD, which itself is based on the cocktail of the same name (see  This Midori Illusion is medium-bodied, not too sweet, and fairly refreshing. I really like the pineapple flavoring; it adds a nice tropical dash. Although this drink doesn’t taste too sweet, I’d be willing to bet it’s full of sugar – Suntory hasn’t released how many calories are in this, so I would imagine around 220. Dieters beware.



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