Quick Time Out – Mexican Lagers

Earlier today, I ate Mexican food for lunch. Since my local charges 800 yen for bottled Mexican beer, I ate my lunch with a free iced coffee, then headed across the street to Kakuyasu, where each of the major Mexican beers is 270 yen. Unsure of what brand to buy, and unconvinced from the descriptions that every beer was “smooth”, I bought all three. Here’s the lineup:

And here they are in totally improper glassware:

In brief, they are all Mexican lagers, and are light. Corona is the lightest, Dos Equis has slightly more taste, and Tecate has even slightly more body and a musky flavor. They all have heads which disappear quickly, and I admit are smooth.

Drinking these beers makes me realize I have become a beer snob. These Mexican lagers are superior to the swill which passes for American Lagers (and God help us all, the ‘lite’ beers made by Coors and Bud) but these very simple and uninteresting beers. That’s right – The Most Interesting Man in the World may prefer Dos Eqius, but he drinks of the least interesting beers in the world. For double the cost and triple the flavor (and double the alcohol content), I’ll go back across the street and pick up some Belgian Delirium Tremens.



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