Bacardi Superior Mojito /「バカルディ モヒート

Alcohol: 6% ( 21 ml)
Quantity: 350 ml
Sugar: 22.4 g
Calories 210 kcal
Price: 198 yen at Kakuyasu (158 at AEON)
Official Site:

Sadly, I haven’t seen the VK Mojito in stores for a few months now, though they still must exist (or stores have unsold stock) because I have stumbled across random convenience stores in Tokyo which still are selling them. Just within the past week, however, Bacardi (via Sapporo Beer) has launched two canned RTDs in Japan: Superior Mojito and Cuba Libre. Last Christmas I gave you my heart I encountered Bacardi’s RTD Mojitos in glass bottles in the States and thought they were terrible, so I was expecting the same from this in canned form in Japan. How do these stand up…?

Well, the good news is they’re better than the US version, but the bad news is not by much. These Bacardi Mojitos are very smooth, too smooth, in fact, but the Japanese version has 6% alcohol whereas I have been informed the US version is 4%. The VK Mojito sported 4%, but it had much more flavor and complexity than Bac’s version. If the VK is off the market, this is an acceptable substitute which will give you a stronger buzz, but I can’t give it a glowing review either. And one final warning, they are loaded with both sugar AND booze, so those on diets beware.


2 thoughts on “Bacardi Superior Mojito /「バカルディ モヒート

  1. I agree that the Bacardi Superior Mojito is not the most gourmet drink at the conbini, but it’s certainly better than a lot of the alternatives. (I’m thinking of “Slat”, “Kirin Strong Chuhai” etc….)

    By the way, have you tried the Bacardi Cuba Libre? I find it to be quite drinkable.

    • Bacardi’s Superior Mojito certainly has a relatively higher complexity and quality than many “flavoring + vodka” based RTDs like Slat and Kirin Strong, but I think this is because Bacardi’s uses rum rather than vodka (aka “distilled spirits”) and both the Mojito and the Cuba Libre have quite a lot of sugar. (I do quite enjoy the Cuba Libre, though I think it has something like 8.9 grams of sugar per 100 ml.)

      The interesting thing to me about the chuuhai and RTD market is that you have
      variety depending on your goals. If you don’t want a lot of alcohol or sugar, Slat. If you don’t mind calories, Asahi offers the Cocktail Partners. And if you want to get hammered quickly, Asahi gives you the 9% Sparx. @_@

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