Suntory Horoyoi Wine Sour / サントリー ほろよい ワインサワー

Alcohol: 3% (10.5 ml)
Quantity: 350 ml
Sugar: 33.6 g
Calories 199.5 kcal
Price: MSRP 141 yen
Official Site:

Horoyoi has come out with a new flavor, made from grape, spirits, and red wine. Horoyoi Wine Sour has a full-bodied taste and very fruity taste, the latter of which reminds me of the can Akadama Soda RTD. However, since it’s so high in sugar and low in alcohol, I won’t be drinking it much.


Nikka Cidre Dry / ニッカ シードル・ドライ

Alcohol: 5% (10 ml)
Quantity: 200 ml
Sugar:   9 g
Calories:  88 kcal
Price: 190 yen at Kakuyasu
Official Site:

Nikka Sparkling Apple Wine is a series of wines brewed by Asahi. There isn’t a lot of flavor here. It’s minutely more flavorful than Zima, but I can barely taste the apples, though there is a slight dry aftertaste.

Asahi Limited Edition Winter Chuuhai Fruit Time Strawberry / アサヒ冬限定チューハイ果実の瞬間国産とひおとめ

Alcohol: 4% (14 ml)
Quantity: 350 ml
Sugar:  29.05 g
Calories:  199.5 kcal
Price: MSRP 141 yen
Official Site:

I’m shocked to say, but I prefer Asahi’s Winter Strawberry to Suntory’s Spring. Unfortunately, Asahi’s is now out of print and I managed to grab the last can at the store for review. The reason why I like this more is that it has a richer and sweeter taste while still maintaining the subtle flavor of strawberries. The sugar content is ridiculously high at 10 grams per 100 ml, but I loved it anyway.

Suntory -196C Sparkling Nouveau Grape

Alcohol: 5% (17.5 ml)
Quantity: 350 ml
Sugar:  26 g
Calories: 210 kcal
Price: 159 yen at Lawson
Official Site:

One from the vaults. This grape-flavored chuuhai was a limited edition item back in 2011 which I only got to reviewing now. Unfortunately, it seems Suntory has deleted all mention of its existence from its website, but as you can surmise from the photo, the flavor was grape. Grape always strikes me as odd for chuuhai because on the one hand it seems the perfect combination yet is always treated as the black sheep of the fruity family, always taking a back seat to lemon and grapefruit. The Sparking Nouveau Kyouhou Grape has a ton of sugar, but is lighter in flavor than other grape chuuhai I have sampled. It’s too bad it was yet another gimmick on the altar of endless limited edition flavors.

Suntory CHU-HI The Dry / サントリーチューハイ〈ザ・ドライ〉

Alcohol: 7% ( 24.5ml)
Quantity: 350 ml
Sugar:  4.9g
Calories: 168 kcal
Price: MSRP 141 yen
Official Site:

I thought it was impossible to find a RTD worse than Zima, but here were are. “Suntory The Dry” is made with an unlabeled spirit and a tiny hint of lemon, whereas Zima has a sweet apple taste. I’d drink the Takara’s shouchuu highballs before this bland can again. Correction, I will now go drink a shouchuu highball, right now. Suntory, you failed me. T_T

Asahi W Zero Cocktail Chardonnay Sparkling Taste / アサヒ ダブルゼロ カクテル シャルドネスパークリングティスト

Alcohol: 0%
Quantity: 350 ml
Sugar:  0 g
Calories: 0 kcal
Price: 108 yen at Kakuyasu
Official Site:

W Zero Cocktail is Asahi’s new line of 0 calorie, 0 alcohol chuuhai which attempt to taste like cocktails, though this attempts to taste like Chardonnay white wine. It does so… poorly. I don’t exactly hate this beverage, but in trying to describe its flavor, the term “Fanta Wine” immediately pops into mind. It’s too sweet and tangy with artificial flavoring emulating a cheap bottle of white wine. These are not good qualities. Chardonnay white wine is too complex (and good) to be copied with artificial flavor enhancers. Sickly sweet cocktails (like cassis orange) and disgustingly bitter (gin and tonic) are best suited for these lines of fake cocktail taste RTDs.

Asahi Cocktail Partner Fuwarich Refreshing Plum Wine Cocktail / アサヒカクテルパートナー フワリッチ すっきり梅酒のカクテル

Alcohol: 4% (14 ml)
Quantity: 350 ml can
Calories: 206.5 kcal
Sugar:  30.1 g
Price: MSRP 141 yen (104 at AEON)
Official Site:

So ironic that around springtime, tons of beer and chuuhai cans start putting cherry blossoms on the cans but don’t actually contain any cherry blossoms-flavored liquids inside. The plum wine (aka umeshu) cocktail from Asahi is another example of this trend, but I’ll at least give them credit for having a special springtime-flavored drink, as opposed to Kirin, which just puts flowers on their beer cans in a cynical attempt to increase sales without changing their recipe at all.

This limited edition (spring) cocktail is not made using vodka, but instead uses a base of plum wine, supported by natural plum and apple juice. As with all the Fuwarich drinks, there is some tasty pulp included in the can. Plum wine is often sickeningly sweet, but this drink – while high in sugar – avoids that pitfall and is quite good.