CANキャンスパークリング<ゴールド> 太陽の恵みのワイン/サントリー / Suntory Blessing of the Sun Wine Can Sparking Wine (Gold))

Alcohol: 7% (31.5 ml)
Quantity: 250 ml can
Calories: 167.5 kcal
Sugar:  16.75 g
Price: MSRP 250 yen
Official Site:

This golden-colored version of Suntory’s canned champagne seems only available for limited times at Kakuyasu stores. It’s not even mentioned on Suntory’s website, so the “official” site I found is Kakuyasu’s product description. This was in production in winter in 2011 but has been absent so far in 2012, however, it will be on sale again from the middle of March. It’s hard to find, but better than the Rose; it has a smoother taste and is slightly less sweet. I recommend it if you can find it.



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