TaKaRa Ryuukyuu Highball Okinawa Shikuwasa / タカラ琉球ハイボール沖縄シークァーサ

Alcohol: 3% (10.5 ml)
Quantity: 350 ml can
Calories: 154 calories
Sugar: 20.85 grams
Price: 105 yen at Kakuyasu
Official Site: http://www.takarashuzo.co.jp/products/soft_alcohol/ryukyu-hiball/index.htm

I daresay, TaKaRa’s chuuhai might be growing on me, or at least their Ryuukyuu (old name for Okinawa before it was part of Japan) Highball series might not be as bad as their other products. This highball is so sweet it crushes the normally extremely bitter taste of the shikuwasa and is rather unassumingly. Unless I knew it was shikuwasa, I would have just assumed it was lime + loads of sugar. The disgusting TaKaRa aftertaste I have noticed in many of their chuuhai is absent here. Finally, a TaKaRa I wouldn’t mind drinking again! Success!


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