Suntory Non-alcoholic Cocktail Non’aru Kibun Salty Dog Taste /ノンアルコールカクテル のんある気分 ソルティドッグテイスト

Alcohol: 0%
Quantity: 350 ml
Sugar:  0 g
Calories: 0 kcal
Price: 108 yen at 7-11
Official Site:

A salty dog is a cocktail made by mixing vodka and grapefruit juice and rimming the glass with salt. The second chuuhai in Suntory’s non’aru kibun series mimics this well, but you have to like the taste of salty grapefruit soda to enjoy this one. Incidentally, while I was at the store buying this, a very and shamelessly drunken woman came in and searched around through the chuuhai section. She tripped (high heels are never easy to walk on when drunk), dropped cans, and knocked over several things before deciding on a 4% alcohol Asahi La France. She should have gone with the non-alcoholic Suntory cocktail instead.


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