Suntory Kaku Highball / サントリー角ハイボール

Alcohol: 7% (24.5 ml)
Quantity: 350 ml
Sugar:  7.7 g
Calories: 178.5 kcal
Price: 220 yen at 7-11
Official Site:

“Kaku” is short for “角瓶” 【かくびん】 which means “rectangular bottle.” Kakubin is Suntory’s medium quality whisky – unlike Tory’s, Kaku can be consumed straight or on the rocks without a mixer, as it has a mellow and well-rounded flavor. This canned highball is merely premixed Suntory Kaku whisky and soda water, but because Kaku itself is decent, this is decent and superior to the Tory’s highball.


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