Suntory Non-alcoholic Cocktail Non’aru Kibun Cassis-Orange Taste /ノンアルコールカクテル のんある気分

Alcohol: 0%
Quantity: 350 ml
Sugar:  0 g
Calories: 0 kcal
Price: 108 yen at 7-11
Official Site:

Now this is unusual and impressive. Suntory has released a line of non-alcoholic RTD cocktails which taste like chuuhai, but have no alcohol and no sugar. If you want to participate in the party but don’t want to (or can’t because you’re driving) drink, these are for you, and unlike 0% beer, which just tastes like badly-flavored beer soda, this “Non’aru Kibun” line actually does successfully replicate the taste of canned chuuhai. Cassis-Orange is the most popular cocktail among women, and this can tastes just as sweet as the Cassis-Orange chuuhai I have had, but this one has none of the high sugar content. IN short, it’s Cassis-Orange soda, and I recommend it.

By the way, I am amused the side label states the product was designed under the hypothesis that the drinker would be 20 or older (a subtle disclaimer stating this product is not for children and is not trying to be training wheels for underage alcohol consumption.)



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