Choya Brown Sugar Plum Wine Carbonated Can / チョーヤ 黒蜜梅酒炭酸缶

Alcohol: 4% (10 ml)
Quantity: 250 ml
Sugar:  ??g
Calories: ?? kcal
Price: 208 yen at Kakuyasu
Official Site:

Yes, this can is small, and the picture accurately reflects how much 250 ml actually looks like. Strangely, Choya’s website doesn’t mention this exact product – Choya’s brown sugar plum wine mixed with soda water. As it’s unlisted and the can doesn’t mix any nutritional information, I can only guess that this is very high in sugar. But luckily, it’s also damn tasty thanks to the presence of the rich molasses… very full-bodied and sweet. Choya often advertises its brown sugar plum wine as so good you’ll melt. I tend to agree – this is very nice for a once in a while treat.


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