Kirin Chuuhai Frozen Lemon /キリン チューハイ氷結レモン

Alcohol: 6% (21 ml)
Quantity: 350 ml
Sugar:  12.6 g
Calories: 171.5kcal
Price: MSRP 148 yen
Official Site:

Lemon and grapefruit-flavored chuuhai are everywhere, and Kirin’s Hyouketsu lineup is everywhere too. Although I have mixed feelings about lemon-flavored chuuhai, I would be remiss not to sample one of the flagship chuuhai.

Interestingly, Kirin posts its own guide on the side of the Hyouketsu can, rating (in lemons) Hyouketu’s flavor. It gets 4 lemons for “real fruit taste”, and 3 lemons for both “sweetness” and “acidity.” Indeed Kirin’s Hyouketsu surprised me by not tasting extremely tart. It is a little bit tart, but not as much as expected. There’s a really good balance here between the subtle tartness and the sugar. I’m now intrigued at Kirin’s answer to Suntory’s Zero Dry series, “Hyouketsu Zero.”


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