Asahi Real Fruit Time Luxury Tangerine Taste / アサヒチューハイ果実の瞬間贅沢みかんテイスト

Alcohol: 3% (10.5 ml)
Quantity: 350 ml
Sugar:  35 g
Calories: 210 kcal
Price: MSRP 148 yen (168 yen at Family Mart)
Official Site:

Wow, it’s like Sunny D with alcohol! Mikan is often translated into orange in English, but the Japanese fruit is more in similar to shape, size, and taste to the tangerine. This new chuuhai in Asahi’s Kajitsu no Shunkan series boasts in it made with 30% actual fruit juice and it tastes very fruity. The carbonation is low and the alcohol is virtually undetectable. However, as a result of using so much fruit juice, this containing a whopping 35 grams of sugar (10 grams per 100 ml), one of the largest concentrations of sugar I’ve seen in a chuuhai. But on the other hand, this product offers a taste almost identical to drinking orange juice itself. Tasty!


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