SKYY Blue / スカイブルー (Suntory)

Alcohol: 4% (11 ml)
Quantity: 275 ml glass bottle
Calories: unknown, but estimated at 235 kcal
Sugar: unknown, but estimated at 39.5 grams
Price: MSRP 230 yen (242 yen at Lawson)
Official Site:

SKYY Blue is a ready-to-drink cocktail made using SKYY Vodka. It is brewed in Japan by Suntory, under official license. To be honest, I have never had a SKYY Blue in its country of origin, America, so I don’t know how this Suntory one compares to the original. I would venture they are the same. But what really impresses me about the Japanese version, at least as of 10/12/2011, is the mini jigsaw promotional toys SKYY is sticking on the bottles. Gotta move these malt beverages somehow, boys! Good job!

Like most chuuhai, SKYY Blue has a refreshing, light on the palate texture. It has the faint flavor of citrus, owning to the grapefruit used in its production. The packaging makes it stand out, as well as its clear vodka, not cheap and indistinct spirits base. I feel mildly positive toward this product, but I would rather drink the VK Mojito – which offers a more impactful flavor. SKYY Blue ain’t bad though. Vodka fans will want to check this out.


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