Asahi Cocktail Partner Fuwarich Screwdriver / アサヒカクテルパートナー フワリッチ スクリュードライバー

Alcohol: 4% (14 ml)
Quantity: 350 ml can
Calories: 203 kcal
Sugar:  29.4 g
Price: MSRP 141 yen (104 at AEON)
Official Site:

I’m sad to admit it, but Suntory’s Screwdriver might have spoiled me forever. Like the other Fuwarich entries, this cocktail has a tiny bit of pulp and indistinct flavor, but after The Cocktail Bar, this just tastes like screwdriver-flavored water. I feel I might as well pay an extra 100 yen or so for something with about the same sugar and double the taste.



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