Asashi Chuuhai Fruit Time Fall Limited Edition Yamanashi Pione Grape / アサヒ チューハイ果実の瞬間 秋限定缶 山梨産ピオーネ

Alcohol: 4% (14 ml)
Quantity: 350 ml
Sugar: 32.9 g
Calories: 217 kcal
Price: MSRP 141 yen (108 yen at AEON)
Official Site:

Available only in autumn, Asahi puts out this chuuhai flavored with 0.5% pione grape fruit juice from Yamanashi Prefecture. The color of this highly fizz cocktail is almost pink, not purple, and it dangerously tastes like there’s almost no sugar, even though 9.4 grams per 100 ml is a very high level. (Asahi chuuhai seem to all have this common characteristic, like the entries in the Fuwarichi series.) I felt very refreshing sipping this, and it tastes more like grapes – or Fanta Grape – than the Horoyoi Grape.


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