VK Mojito Original VK モヒート(日本ビール)

Alcohol: 4% (11 ml)
Quantity: 275 ml served in a glass bottle
Sugar: unknown
Calories: unknown, but estimated at 220 kcal
Price: 258 yen at Lawson and 7-11 (MSRP unknown)
Official Site: http://www.globalbrands.co.uk/brands/rtd/vk-mojito.html

Behold! The first non-chuuhai review! (But it is a ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail and Japan related.) VK, an abbreviation for “Vodka Kick”, is a line of RTD cocktails in the UK, which its website claims controls the market in pre-mixed or RTDs in the empire. Feeling various vodka-infused RTDs with different colorings wasn’t enough, Global Brands decided to make a mojito-flavored RTD using rum, lime juice, and sugar. Coincidentally, like Asahi they also chose to give their invention an ironic name, as this VK Mojito, which literally means “Vodka Kick” Mojito, despite this product containing no vodka. (Gotta maintain the brand name!!)

GK offers this mojito with red and blue coloring, but the only version I’ve seen in Japan so far is the original. Nippon Beer Co. Ltd. imports this product into Japan, and the Japanese version is noteworthy for the individual little black bottlecap openers Nippon Beer tapes onto each bottle. I really love this mark of Japanese service and ingenuity.

As for the drink itself, it tastes great! The label states the VK Mojito is made with real rum, lime juice, mint, and sugar – no artificial additives were used. I’m always slightly suspicious, (chemicals, after all, are natural) but taste is the most important thing. The VK Mojito doesn’t disappoint either. It has a nice balance of the rum and lime juice. The sugar is present and adds flavor but doesn’t overpower. This isn’t as good as getting an actual mixed mojito (and woefully, the only good mojito I’ve had in Japan as been at Big Echo Karaoke – everywhere else seems to either just think the mint is a garnish or pulverizes it into oblivion – and I swear a bar the other day mixed the drink with vodka instead of rum), but for a mere 258 yen instead of 800-1,000 yen, this is without a doubt the next best thing. I do wish information about the sugar content were available (my guess would be 25-29 grams), but this is one of the superior types of RTD cocktails and I’m very glad the Lawson convenience store near my house sells these.


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